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Must Watch Matthew McConaughey Movies

You must have seen him frequently in rom-coms, he’s a comedic actor, an adventure star, an in-demand drama actor. He has also won an Oscar along with many other acting credits, he is Matthew McConaughey. Here is a list of his movies that you must watch.

  1. Magic Mike
    Until now it was only the ladies in Hollywood who could make the scenes steamy while looking sexy with a bare it all attitude. This was until Channing Tatum decided to produce and star in Magic Mike. This is a male stripper movie that is based on Channing’s personal experiences in the industry when he was 18 years old. The movie was a big-time hit and grossed $167 million for a movie that was made just for $7 million. Matthew plays the role of a club owner of a strip club who is a confident dancer and greedy businessman. The actor asked for a strip scene that was not originally a part of the movie.

  2. Contract
    He started gaining prominence back in 90’s, and the movie that showed his ability to play a supporting role to a woman’s leading role was the movie- Contract. Robert Zemeckis’s sci-fi movie has based on the leading lady finding proof of alien intelligence and sets out to make contact with it. Matthew plays a writer and a Christian philosopher who challenges her atheist beliefs and makes for a great polar opposite

  3. The Lincoln Lawyer
    This movie was released in 2011 and this was the time he started to move away from just the rom-com roles and started picking up more serious scripts. Here he plays the role of a fictional lawyer who operates out of his Lincoln Town car. Literally. In the movie, he defends the son of a wealthy businessman for an assault case but he somehow connects the dots to a previous case. This becomes an intense legal ride and as usual, the performance of the actor is grpping


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