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Skin And Hair Problems During Winter: Rujuta Diwekar Suggests 5 Remedies That Will Actually Work

Skin and hair care tips for winter: This season, eat green vegetables, pinnis, laddoos and chyawanprash for good hair and skin. Celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar tells why.

Winter skin care and hair care: Skin care and hair care regimes for winter tend to be slightly different during winter. Many people face dry skin issues and dandruff during winter. Modifications in diet and skin care and hair care routine can help you get rid of these woes. For instance, staying hydrated, using lukewarm (and not hot water) for bathing and avoiding excess exfoliation of the skin are a few tips that can help you have healthy hair and skin during winter. Apart from these, a few dietary recommendations from celeb nutritionist Rujuta Diwekar (shared on her social media), can help you have healthy hair and skin in winter.

Healthy hair and skin care tips during winter
What you eat and the current state of your health is directly reflected on you skin. So, if you feel that your skin and hair quality is getting worse, you might want to include the following foods in your diet:

1. Seasonal greens
According to Rujuta, eating seasonal greens during winter can have beneficial effects on your skin and hair. Time and again we have talked about the benefits of including green vegetables in diet for weight loss, healthy blood pressure and cholesterol, blood sugar control and much more. Spinach, mustard, peas, beans radish, cauliflower, cabbage, and fenugreek are some of the most popular greens available during winter. Not only do they taste delicious time of the year, they also provide anti-ageing benefits for skin. Spinach is a rich source of iron, Vitamin, K and C. Peas are rich in fibre and can help you keep off extra weight. Radish provides you Vitamin B, C and potassium. They can help in giving a boost to immunity. Eat these greens regularly during winter for healthy weight, skin and hair.

2. Pinnis and laddoos
Pinnis are laddoos are made with gond, wheat flour besan, ghee and dried fruits. Such a diverse mix of ingredients can nourish your skin and hair and also help you keep warm during chilly winter. Have a pinni or laddoo after your meal as a dessert during winter. You can also have pinnis and laddoos in-between meals to satiate hunger pangs and prevent unhealthy snacking.

3. Chyawanprash
A spoonful of chyawanprash during winter mornings can support overall strength, immunity and rejuvenation. Primarily, chyawanprash helps in preventing sickness, thanks to its Vitamin C content. Amla is an essential ingredient used in chyawanprash. Health benefits of amla for skin and hair are known to all. Have this Ayurvedic paste regularly in winter to rejuvenate your skin and hair naturally.

4. Amla and bel sherbets
Amla and bel sherbets are the fourth recommendation from Rujuta for healthy skin and hair during winter. Amla is rich in Vitamin C, which can help in building strong immunity. It can help in reducing dandruff, boost hair growth by improving blood circulation in scalp and conditioning hair naturally. Skin benefits of amla include reducing blemishes and pigmentation on skin. Wood apple of bel is packed with nutrients like beta carotene, riboflavin and Vitamin C. Bael or wood apple is a powerhouse of various vitamins and organic compounds like tannins, calcium, iron, phosphorus and protein. These compounds can aid blood purification. This can reflect on improved skin and hair quality too.

Rujuta ends her post with a special tip for hair care. "Mustard oil for the scalp with a few methi dana soaked in is a traditional winter ritual that every Himachali will swear by and it works beautifully," she writes.


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