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It Is Your Turn to Be Super Mommy and Super Employee!

Being a mother and having a full-time job can turn out to be challenging, for sure. Very often women tend to feel intimidated, lost and confused about how to balance both roles. But the fact is, it is highly possible to excel in your workplace while having a successful family life. The key is to focus on a plan, get organized, and find the right balance between profession and parenthood. With a little bit of smart planning and self-confidence, you can totally strike this balance and we are here to tell you how:
1.    Be in the moment: It is totally normal for new mothers to feel guilty about not being at home with their child. However, if this guilt eats into your focus at workplace, it will affect your performance and the cycle of guilt will continue. Hence, we suggest being entirely present where you are. If guilt strikes in the workplace, consciously drive it out by reminding yourself that this job will help you secure your child’s future and get her many opportunities.
2.    Invest in proper childcare: Another tangible way you could ensure that you are less worried about your child while at work, is to find out the best quality care for her while you are away. Make no compromises as far as hiring the best nanny or getting the best creche is concerned. Good childcare is an investment: not just in her development but also in your mental well-being and professional growth. We recommend hiring nannies with a history of long-term commitments to families, because there is a greater chance they will adjust well with your child.
3.    Planning is the key: You can plan your entire day and prepare everything you need in the morning the night before to avoid the early morning rush and chaos. If you have school-going kids, on weeknights it is a good idea to pack their lunches, lay out their clothes and your own; and decide what to make for breakfast. You can also do some prior meal prep if needed, to save time in the morning. If there are any changes in the family schedule, discuss it the night before.
4.    Family calendar: This is a great idea to keep your tasks organised as per your priorities, as well as involve your kids in the decision-making process of the family. We recommend sitting down with your kids at least every fortnight or a week to plan ahead and put it on calendar. You can hang it up in the hall or kitchen, for everyone to see. Involving your kids has multiple benefits- you get to spend some time with them, you get some clarity on what the week looks like, they learn decision making and prioritising and they also take small steps into being more responsible.
5.    Keep the conversation going: Just like you should be involved with your family in the planning and prioritising process, you should also communicate clearly with your superior and HR, regarding any constraints you might have. It will help them tailor your workload accordingly and manage expectations that they have from you. While seeking maternity leave, it is absolutely imperative that you are clear about how much leave you will get and how long will you be paid for.
If you channelize your thought process and functioning in an efficient manner, it will be that much easier for you to not just function but also excel both in office and at home. We hope this article helped you do so in an easy manner. All you need to do is to be calm and communicate clearly, and nothing can stop you from being the super woman you are meant to be!


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