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Get Your Princess All Dolled Up With These Hairstyles

It is time for another of that birthday party your little angel has to attend and you want to make sure that she looks the prettiest without using any chemicals or heat inflicting products on her hair. Making a great hairdo doesn’t always have to be expensive and using expensive accessories on hair.
We understand you don’t have any experience and running short of time, don’t worry you opened the right article, we have got amazing hairstyles lined up for your little one to look like a Barbie doll with these simple and fun styles:
1.    Dutch Braid Bun
It is a simple hairstyle that will make your little one look like a princess. It is also a very comfortable style for when she is indulging in outdoor activities and is all sweaty. Her hair won’t be a problem for either her or you.
·         Fishtail
We all have heard about this one and tried it on ourselves several times, but it is time to try them on your kids. You can also use funky hair accessories like ribbons, clips, headbands etc. to brighten up that fishtail for her best friend’s birthday party.
·         Bang Braid
This is a great hairstyle for your princess with short hair; it is easy and rocking at the same time. All you need is a comb and an elastic hair band and you are good to style up her hair and get her hair out of her eyes. We all know how kids hate getting hair on their eyes.
·         Side Bun
Your kid has definitely watched Frozen and loved Elsa and her sister. It is time to recreate their look for her with a side bun. All you need to do is weave a blue ribbon in the bun for that go to look. There are many tutorials available on internet for you to try it out on your kid.
·         High Bun
Don’t think that high buns are out of style; they are very much in and can give your daughter a classy look. This is a very good style if your daughter has curly hair. It will not leave her hair all over the place; instead keep them organized and fun.
·         Pigtail Buns
This one is so cool if your kid has wispy kind of hair. You can also use a little bit of gel to keep her hair settled down after the look is done. Kids love buns and a pigtail is like cherry on the cake because it lets them have their way around a party without bothering about her hair.
·         Bow Bun
Is your little one curious about her looks and loves styling herself up? We are here for her because this bow bun will bring out the girly side of her and make her look the adorable queen that she already is. It is simple and sassy.
·         Roll
This style can be adorned with several small hair accessories that can be paired with any kind of floral accessories or pom poms to bring out her cuteness. This sweet roll will give her a messy look which is perfect for her lavish play dates and birthday parties.

There are so many more styles that you can cover with use of little hair curler but make sure that the heat is less because let’s face it you don’t want to spoil your little ones hair at such a small age. So be careful and get ready to bring out that stylist in you.


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