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Safe Pregnancy As COVID-19 Surges: What's Best For Mom And Baby?

Amidst the unifying battle with Covid-19, the World Health Organization (WHO) has released several measures to stay safe in this pandemic. While older people are said to be prone to the virus, it also risks the lives of the woman ready to welcome their unborn babies into the world.

While many are scared and anxious about its impact, the others are trying their best to eat healthily and maintain social distancing. Due to the evolving nature of the disease, it is really hard to say whether it can harm the mother and the baby. The pregnant woman might get mild to moderate flu-like symptoms which can spread to the baby as well.

Precautions to follow

There are certain precautions the pregnant woman should follow as they are more susceptible to respiratory problems and Covid-19:

       Washing their hands frequently and getting flu-vaccinated in time.
       Get frequent doctor check-ups and to not ignore any of the symptoms.
       Women are advised to follow the basics of safety and not to step out of their house. Your family and friends may get eager to meet you, but it is advised to get connected virtually.
       Maintaining a healthy diet full of nutrients i.e., vitamins, proteins is essential for the growth of the baby for which you can have leafy vegetables, fruits, whole grains, and meat.
       Intake of fluids is essential to keep the mother hydrated.
       Mental health is something to take care of.
       The mother can take the necessary precautions and can step out for some fresh air.
       Pre-natal visits are also important to ensure healthy maternal and fetal growth.

The pandemic puts several human lives a risk. With nation-wide lockdown, expectant mothers are worried about not getting proper health services. The women are advised not to worry, and follow the safety norms to safeguard themselves and their babies.


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