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Beauty Sleep a Myth or a Reality?

Is sound sleep really important for your skin? If that was true, what’s the point of all those high-end products that claim to give “re-energized and rested skin” within seconds even if you have slept only two hours last night? Turns out, no product in this world can replace the benefit that a good night’s worth of sleep does to your skin. The reason being the cell regeneration that takes place while you are sleeping, is what makes all the difference to your skin. The body heals and relaxes itself overall while you slumber, and the impact of good health is bound to show on your skin. Curious as to exactly how this happens? Read on to find out more:
1.    Increased blood flow: While you sleep, the blood flow increases in the facial area. The body pumps oxygen to your face. This heals your skin from the damage caused by exposure to sun, pollution and free radicals that your skin has undergone throughout the day. This regenerates your complexion naturally, so you can wake up to a more youthful complexion. For that natural glow and flushed cheeks, now you know what to do!
2.    Stronger immune system: All the organs of the body repair themselves while you sleep. So does the skin. This is one fact most of us know but tend to overlook. Specially for people suffering from adult acne or cystic acne, it is imperative to get good sleep. There is no other way the skin is going to heal and strengthen. If you want to see the full benefits of all your home remedies and expensive acne-fighting products, focus on getting an uninterrupted 8 hours of sound sleep every night.
3.    Better hydration: All the expensive hydrating serums you may have applied, all the sheet masks that are a part of your 10-step K beauty regime, they all need you to get enough sleep to be able to work their miracle. Your skin absorbs hyaluronic acid the best when you sleep. This is also the time when your body builds collagen and elastin. These 3 compounds together keep your skin youthful, fresh and supple.
4.    Say no to panda eyes: Good sleep is the key to fresh looking under eyes. This is probably the first thing anyone looking for a cure to dark circles is told. But what exactly is the reason? We know that the skin under the eyes is a lot thinner than the rest of our face. The greyish-blue shade under our eyes is largely caused by dilated blood vessels right under the skin, that show through because it is thin. Studies show that these blood vessels dilate to allow for more oxygen to pass through, to help regenerate the body in conditions of extreme stress. So, the next time you invest in an expensive eye serum, also invest in another extra hour of sleep and a few minutes of meditation.
5.    Delayed ageing: Lack of sleep contributes to fine lines, wrinkles, puffy eyes and dull skin. The skin looks sallow and exhausted. This can make you look much older than your years, if it continues for a long period of time. As a preventive measure to delay ageing, we recommend you pay attention to eating clean, drinking enough water, working out frequently and getting good quality, sleep for 7-9 hours every day.
These were the reasons why we think getting your 8 hours of beauty sleep everyday is not overrated at all. The next time you think of stepping up your skincare game, we strongly suggest you get back to the basics. Take a warm shower, sip on some herbal tea, turn off the lights and bring out that silk pillowcase. Sleep your way to a better skin!

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