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Are Acids Your One-Stop Solution for Perfect Skin?

If the idea of putting acids on your skin scares you, let me tell you, they are all the rage now in the beauty industry, and with good reason. There are different kinds of acids targeted at different skin concerns and they promise to give you that smoother, radiant skin you have always wanted. Incorporating the right kind of acids in your skincare routine, in the right manner, in the right time, is great for achieving healthy skin. However, you don’t want to take risks with any random product from the market, which is why we have here a guide to help you understand the basics of skincare acids.
Hyaluronic Acid: Even though it is termed an acid, this is one component you need not shy away from using. All types of skin can benefit from the immense hydration hyaluronic acid provides. It is the best option to restore the hydration balance in even the most acne prone, sensitive skin which does not take kindly to any other moisturiser. It is also great for preventing premature ageing due to dehydration.
Alpha hydroxy acid (AHA): This is a heavy-duty acid which will do the job of thorough exfoliating. It helps smoothen out uneven texture and helps even out the skin tone, thus giving you smoother, brighter skin. These acids are derived from natural sources like sugar, milk, and fruits, and are very effective if used the right way. Since these are quite potent, you should start with lower concentration and then gradually build up.
Salicylic or beta hydroxy acid (BHA): This is the best solution for anyone suffering from acne or clogged pores. BHA penetrates deep into the skin as it is fat soluble. It works from the deeper layers of the skin, targeting clogged pores and acne and working efficiently to clear them up. It breaks through the build-up of bacteria, oil, and dead skin cells in the pore lining and dissolves it, thus efficiently decongesting your skin. It may cause a little bit of dryness, but nothing cannot be taken care of with an oil-free moisturiser.
Ascorbic acid: This is the technical term of vitamin C, with which almost all of us are familiar. Vitamin C plays a great role in brightening skin, antioxidant protection and stimulating collagen to maintain youthful skin. It protects the skin from sun and environmental damage and is thus a great addition under your sunscreen. This increased collagen production will also help fade out discolouration, thus giving you brighter and more even toned skin. This makes Vitamin C is a great ingredient for hyperpigmentation. Just make sure to apply sunscreen on top and store the bottle in a cool dry place away from light.
These were some of the basics you must know about all the major skincare acids. Remember to go easy in the beginning, and give it some time to start working. We are sure you will have the skin of your dreams pretty soon!


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